Hello, I would like to say a big Thank you to you all for a wonderful weekend we had...

- Paula Avery May 2012

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Our Farm

Our Farm extends to nearly 500 acres and we are currently milking 400 cows. In addition we have around 200 younger cattle and calves. The cows produce approximately 9500 litres of milk each a year which is collected daily as part of the Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group which promotes High Animal Welfare. They graze outside for most of the year however we also grow forage maize to feed them in the winter when they are housed. 

We have lots of wildlife here on the farm, foxes, deer, hares and lots of rabbits can be seen, whilst owls, buzzards, herons, swallows, bats and the occasional woodpecker can be spotted in the air.

Please don't forget that you must only allow your children around our farm animals under good supervision and that all activities are at your own risk. Always remember to wash you hands after being near to the animals. Ask for Sally if you would like to help her feed the calves or watch the cows being milked. We start calving in July through to November.

Oulton House Farm is a working farm and if any one has a particular interest and would like a more detailed look around Arthur is happy to show you round, please ask.