Hello there, Can I just say thank you for the most wonderful weekend for our family...

- Karen Dean June 2013

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Snowdrop Cottage Accessibility

This cottage is the end barn conversion in an T shape of three.

The cottage has full oil fired central heating with individual thermostatic valves on the radiators and a control system that is within the cottage. There are smoke alarms and a fire blanket and small extinguisher. There are small plug in emergency lighting lamps and a torch under the sink. All doors are Yale type and can be opened from the inside without keys.

It is on two floors with a bed which can either be a large double or (on request) two single beds.

Arrival and Car Parking

  • Luggage can be unloaded 5 metres from the front door.
  • Car Parking is available 5 metres from the cottage door and is concrete hard standing.

The Cottage

  • The front door leads into the entrance hall which is 140cm by 150cm. The external door is 80cm. There is a 4cm step. It has a tiled floor.
  • The minimum width of the downstairs doorways is 80cm.

The internal door leads into the Sitting Room.

Sitting Room

  • This room has a carpeted floor.
  • It is 540cm by 470cm, with the stairs leading out of this space.
  • There is a sofa and one chair which are 40cm high. There is a TV with freeview, DVD and video with remote control and subtitles.
  • There is a chest of drawers and side tables.
  • There are patio doors which are 110cm wide with a 5cm threshold strip, leading onto a level patio leading onto the lawn. There are wooden table and chairs here.


  • The kitchen is 295cm by 320cm and has a tiled floor.
  • There are units on two sides which are 90cm high.
  • There is a pedestal table which is 75cm high and two chairs which are 44cm high.


There are 13 stairs, which are 80cm wide with a tread height of 20cm which have a 180 degree turn on them with triangular shaped treads around the corner. There is a hand rail to one side.

Double Bedroom

This is open to the stairs.

  • This is 540cm by 470cm wide and is fully carpeted. The room is in the eaves with beams and so has very slightly restricted head height to each side. The main part of the room is full height.
  • It has two single beds of 90cm by 190cm which can be fixed together to make a super king size. It has a wooden headboard and baseboard.
  • There is freestanding furniture consisting of a wardrobe and a chest of drawers and two bedside tables and an armchair.


  • This room is 320cm by 290cm and has a vinyl floor.
  • This consists of a shower bath, with a side height of 57cm. A basin which is 8078cm high and a loo which has a seat height of 42cm.